Where Your Gaze Meets Mine

Where Your Gaze Meets Mine is a collaborative project where femme subjects are empowered to become authors in the image-making process, creating co-authoring  portraits that address the problematic (male) gaze of the past by sharing experiences and authentically representing their bodies and identities.The application of white paint, using a combination of brush strokes, a roller brush, and corrective fluid, is both an addition and a removal — simultaneously obscuring parts of the body while adding a painterly sensibility. The technique connects to the tradition of painted portraiture — particularly Renaissance nudes, where problematic representations of femmes as sexualized objects flourished and solidified (with cultural and artistic reverberations we are still feeling today). There still much work to do. This is merely the beginning of an ongoing project, and it’s glaringly incomplete without the inclusion of a femmes of all ages, ethnicities, abilities, orientations, and genders (particularly trans femmes). Because if it ain’t inclusive and intersectional, it ain’t shit.

The portraits are printed onto transparent fabric and stacked in threes, transforming into one sensuously moving, shifting image. As subtle movements in the air shift the portraits, they come to life for a moment, then flatten again, constantly in flux. 

The project has multiple outcomes: a fabric installation and audio piece, a publication, and a short moving image piece. 



Sam Moeller
Riley Steinmetz
Adreane Bertumen
Holly Plank
Lou Rowland
Indre Hilara Bylaite
Mariella Villalobos
Lilian Asperin
Carley Klekas
Veronica Jimenez
Gillian Lochhead
Lynn Soleski
Pooja Shah
Gabriella Calabrese
Rebecca Gitlin
Lily Weeks


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