Print and Packaging


I help companies craft custom written and visual brand messaging across print and digital media. 

The Butterfly Bush book is a hand-stitched, limited edition photography book which confuses the institutional visual language of humans and plants. It looks specifically at Buddleia davidii, an immigrant to the UK, thriving in foreign territory. Click here to see the entire book.


This book for the Where Your Gaze Meets Mine project uses typography and placement to mimic the conversations that sparked the stories shared between model and photographer. Click here to view the entire book.

I work with emerging alcohol brands to create package designs and associated brand materials that target specific audiences to break through new markets.


This book pushes the aesthetics of a formal, academic document by playing with paper stock, size, and bleed through.


With a history in marketing roles, I have years of experience writing, designing, and strategizing proposals to win companies new work.