Last Futures

I developed the digital communications for Last Futures, integrating themes and visuals from the main performance and exhibition into the digital design.


WRNS Studio

I served as project manager for this website redesign, co-writing and scrubbing all content and collaborating with design and engineering consultants as well as internal stakeholders to evolve the WRNS brand and authentically tell their story. I also created content for the editorial “Stewardship” section of our website, exploring themes ranging from craft to sustainability to studio culture.

LaunchSquad & Original9 Media

I led the website revamp at LaunchSquad and Original9 Media, serving as project manager for their site redesigns. I worked closely with internal stakeholders, SEO consultants, and designers to arrive at a branded message and site that was optimized to grow LaunchSquad’s digital audiences.


Forell/Elsesser Engineers

I lead rebranding efforts on this site design, creating a custom storytelling Q&A format to represent the engineering problem-solving that characterizes Forell's approach. I wrote most project and website pages at the time of the launch like this one and this one, for example. Work included extensive competitor analysis and internal stakeholder engagement.